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The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance

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No. 86: Links between Technology Creation, Internationalization, and Human Resource Management
Thomas Andersson

No. 85: Quality of Life and the WTP for an Increased Life Expectancy at an Advanced Age Published
Magnus Johannesson and Per-Olov Johansson

No. 84: Competition in Interrelated Markets: An Empirical Study Published
Marcus Asplund and Rickard Sandin

No. 83: Small Industries and Institutional Framework: A Transaction Costs Approach
Bhargavi Ramamurthy and Per Ronnås

No. 82: Money Growth and Inflation: Implications of Reducing the Bias of VAR Estimates
Tomas Brännström

No. 81: A Second-order Approximation to the Bias of OLS Estimates in Bivariate VAR Models Full Text
Tomas Brännström

No. 80: Internationalized Production in World Output Published
Robert E. Lipsey, Magnus Blomström and Eric Ramstetter

No. 79: Parameter Estimation and Reverse Martingales Full Text Published
Tomas Björk and Bjorn Johansson

No. 78: Bootstrapping DEA-based Efficiency Measures and Malmquist Productivity Indices. A Study of Swedish Eye-Care Service Provision Published
Mickael Löthgren and Magnus Tambour

No. 77: Rent, Risk and Replication. Political Contests and Preference Adaptation Published
Karl Wärneryd

No. 76: Social Relations in the Workplace: a "Linked Games" Approach Published
Giancarlo Spagnolo

No. 75: Budget Deficits, Stochastic Population Size and Consumption Full Text
Torbjörn Becker

No. 74: Budget Deficits, Tax Risk and Consumption Full Text
Torbjörn Becker

No. 73: Risky Taxes, Budget Balance Preserving Spreads and Precautionary Savings Full Text
Torbjörn Becker

No. 72: An Investigation of Ricardian Equivalence in a Common Trends Model Published
Torbjörn Becker

No. 71: Government Debt and Private Consumption: Theory and Evidence Full Text
Torbjörn Becker

No. 70: Subsidies in Oligopoly Markets: A Welfare Comparison between Symmetric and Asymmetric Costs
Stephen F. Hamilton and Rickard Sandin

No. 69: Risk-Averse Firms in Oligopoly Full Text Forthcoming
Marcus Asplund

No. 68: What Fraction of a Capital Investment is Sunk Cost? Full Text Published
Marcus Asplund

No. 67: Romania: Transition to Underdevelopment? Published
Per Ronnås

No. 66: Foreign Direct Investment and Politics: The Swedish Model Published
Magnus Blomström and Ari Kokko

No. 65: Trade unions, employee share ownership and wage setting: A supply-side approach to the share economy Full Text
Thomas I. Renström and Kasper Roszbach

No. 64: Investigating Stability and Linearity of a German M1 Money Demand Function Published
Helmut Lütkepohl, Timo Teräsvirta and Jürgen Wolters

No. 63: Externalities vs Internalities: A Theory of Political Integration Published
Tore Ellingsen

No. 62: Sticky Consumption and Rigid Wages
Tore Ellingsen and Steinar Holden

No. 61: The Evolution of Bargaining Behavior Published
Tore Ellingsen

No. 60: Price Signals Quality. The Case of One-Sided Asymmetric Information Published
Tore Ellingsen

No. 59: Exchange Rates and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Mobility
Tore Ellingsen

No. 58: Long Term Contracts, Arbitrage, and Vertical Restraints Full Text
Tore Ellingsen

No. 57: Private Small-Scale Industries in Vietnam: Development Environment and Empirical Results
Kristina Kurths

No. 56: Testing the Adequacy of Smooth Transition Autoregressive Models Published
Øyvind Eitrheim and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 55: Banking on the Future, Interpreting the Present, Living in the Past. Vietnamnese Banking in the Early 1990s.
Lisa Román

No. 54: Testing Parameter Constancy in Linear Models against Stochastic Stationary Parameters Published
Chien-Fu Lin and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 53: Testing Parameter Constancy and super Exogeneity in Econometric Equations Published
Eilev S. Jansen and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 52: Indirect Monitoring and Optimal Corruption
Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky

No. 51: On the Value of Changes in Life Expectancy Published
Per-Olov Johansson

No. 50: The Optimality of the Mandatory Bid Rule
Clas Bergström, Peter Högfeldt and Johan Molin

No. 49: Investment Decisions, Future Consumption and Sustainability under Optimal Growth Full Text
Thomas Aronsson, Per-Olov Johansson and Karl-Gustaf Löfgren

No. 48: On the Spontaneous Freezing of the Monetary Base Full Text
Per Hortlund

No. 47: Market Structure and the Price of Electricity: An ex ante Analysis of the deregulated Swedish Electricity Market Published
Lars Bergman and Bo Andersson

No. 46: Rural Industrialization: A Review of Selected Asian Experiences
Sara Johansson and Per Ronnås

No. 45: Oligopoly and Limited Liability
Marcus Asplund

No. 44: An Empirical Analysis of the Trading Structure at the Stockholm Stock Exchange Full Text Published
Jonas Niemeyer and Patrik Sandås

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