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The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance

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No. 519: Is there Evidence of Pessimism and Doubt in Subjective Distributions? A Comment on Abel Full Text
Paolo Giordani and Paul Söderlind

No. 518: Entrepreneurship: A Weak Link in the Welfare State Full Text Published
Magnus Henrekson

No. 517: Error correction in DHSY Full Text
Ann-Charlotte Eliasson and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 516: An application of the analogy between vector ARCH and vector random coefficient autoregressive models Full Text
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 515: Common factors in conditional distributions Published
Clive W.J. Granger, Timo Teräsvirta and Andrew J. Patton

No. 514: Reconsidering the Role of Money for Output, Prices and Interest Rates Full Text
Giovanni Favara and Paolo Giordani

No. 513: International Financial Liberalization and Industry Growth Full Text
Jonas Vlachos and Daniel Waldenström

No. 512: Costs and quality of life associated with osteoporosis related fractures - Results from a Swedish survey Full Text
Niklas Zethraeus, Fredrik Borgström, Olof Johnell, John Kanis, Karin Önnby and Bengt Jönsson

No. 511: New-Keynesian Models and Monetary Policy: A Reexamination of the Stylized Facts Full Text
Ulf Söderström, Paul Söderlind and Anders Vredin

No. 510: The Euro Is Good After All: Corporate Evidence Full Text
Arturo Bris, Yrjö Koskinen and Mattias Nilsson

No. 509: An Extended Constant Conditional Correlation GARCH Model and Its Fourth-Moment Structure Published
Changli He and Timo Teräsvirta

No. 508: Building neural network models for time series: A statistical approach Full Text Published
Marcelo C. Medeiros, Timo Teräsvirta and Gianluigi Rech

No. 507: Testing parameter constancy in stationary vector autoregressive models against continuous change Published
Changli He, Timo Teräsvirta and Andres González

No. 506: Do Forward Markets Enhance Competition? Experimental Evidence Full Text
Chloé Le Coq and Henrik Orzen

No. 505: Nya läkemedel i Sverige: Innovationshöjd, prissättning och marknadsframgång. Full Text
Bengt Jönsson, Jonas Lundkvist and Björn Persson

No. 504: Hälsoekonomiska utvärderingar som underlag för beslut om pris och subventionering. Riktlinjer och beslutskriterier. Full Text
Bengt Jönsson and Jonas Lundkvist

No. 503: Kostnadseffektivitet hos nya läkemedel. En systematisk genomgång av publicerade studier för NCEs registrerade i Sverige 1987-2000. Full Text
Bengt Jönsson and Jonas Lundkvist

No. 502: The determinants of host country spillovers from foreign direct investment: review and synthesis of the literature Published
Magnus Blomstrom, Steven Globerman and Ari Kokko

No. 501: Cost-Effectiveness of Alendronate in the Treatment of Osteoporosis in Denmark - An Economic Evaluation Based on the Fracture Intervention Trial Full Text
Linus Jönsson, Fredrik Borgström and Niklas Zethraeus

No. 500: Impediments to the Productive Employment of Labor in Japan Full Text Published
Hiroshi Ono and Marcus Rebick

No. 499: Solution of Macromodels with Hansen-Sargent Robust Policies: Some Extensions Full Text
Paolo Giordani and Paul Söderlind

No. 498: Finite dimensional Markovian realizations for stochastic volatility forward rate models Full Text
Tomas Björk, Camilla Landén and Lars Svensson

No. 497: Kommer IKT-revolutionen även att lyfta Europas ekonomier? Full Text Published
Harald Edquist and Magnus Henrekson

No. 496: Strategic use of available capacity in the electricity spot market Full Text
Chloé Le Coq

No. 495: Gender and the Internet Full Text Published
Hiroshi Ono and Madeline Zavodny

No. 494: The Impact of Temporary Contracts on Gross Job and Worker Flows Full Text Published
Fredrik Heyman and Mahmood Arai

No. 493: Dynamic Bertrand competition with intertemporal demand Full Text
Jörgen Weibull, Prajit Dutta and Alexander Matros

No. 492: A Note on the Pricing of Real Estate Index Linked Swaps Full Text
Tomas Björk and Eric Clapham

No. 491: Forecasting with artificial neural network models Full Text
Gianluigi Rech

No. 490: On the Definition and Age-Dependency of the Value of a Statistical Life. A Review and Extension Full Text
Per-Olov Johansson

No. 489: How Government Bond Prices Reflect Wartime Events. The Case of the Stockholm Market. Full Text
Daniel Waldenström and Bruno S. Frey

No. 488: Trade Liberalization and the Geography of Production: Agglomeration, Concentration and Dispersal in Indonesia’s Manufacturing Industry Published
Örjan Sjöberg and Fredrik Sjöholm

No. 487: Characterization of Pareto Dominance Full Text Published
Mark Voorneveld

No. 486: Intergenerational Redistribution, Health Care, and Politics Full Text
Douglas Lundin and María Sáez Martí

No. 485: Preparation and toolkit learning Full Text
Mark Voorneveld

No. 484: On the Use of Numeraires in Option pricing Full Text Published
Simon Benninga, Tomas Björk and Zvi Wiener

No. 483: The Single European Market, Swedish Investment Liberalisation, and Horizontal and Vertical Multinationals Full Text
Thomas Mathä

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