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The Economic Research Institute, Stockholm School of Economics SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Business Administration

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No. 2003:15: ”Life is a fake. All that is real are the stock prices” - Simulating Authenticity in Financial Markets Full Text
Peter Norberg

No. 2003:14: Performing the 50th anniversary of a Garden City: Staging time, place, and identity. Full Text
Marjana Johansson

No. 2003:13: Risk communication between experts and the public: perceptions and intentions Full Text Published
Lennart Sjöberg

No. 2003:12: Good and not-so-good ideas in research. A tutorial in idea assessment and generation Full Text
Lennart Sjöberg

No. 2003:11: From Periphery to Financial Centre Full Text
Peter Norberg

No. 2003:10: Läkemedelsdistributionen i Norden. En komparativ studie av aktörer, resurser och aktiviteter. Full Text
Christoffer Holmberg, Hans Kjellberg and Björn Axelsson

No. 2003:9: Forecasting the fast and frugal way: A study of performance and information-processing strategies of experts and non-experts when predicting the World Cup 2002 in soccer Full Text
Patric Andersson, Mattias Ekman and Jan Edman

No. 2003:8: Emotional intelligence, personality and sales performance Full Text Published
Lennart Sjöberg and Patrick Littorin

No. 2003:7: The Smiling Face in Marketing Appeals and its Effects on the Customer Full Text
Magnus Söderlund and Sara Rosengren

No. 2003:6: Emotionell intelligens - teori och empiri i ett psykologiskt perspektiv Full Text
Lennart Sjöberg and Elisabeth Engelberg

No. 2003:5: Verksamhetsutveckling - en första introduktion av tre arbetsmodeller Full Text
Mats Lundeberg

No. 2003:4: Det balanserade styrkortets roll i företagens koncernstyrning - en studie av sjutton stora svenska företag Published
Kalle Kraus and Johnny Lind

No. 2003:3: PRIO: Verksamhetsutveckling i projektintensiva organisationer Full Text
Martin Andersson

No. 2003:2: Problems associated with the Value-Relevance of Financial Derivatives according to IAS 39 Full Text
Beate E. Juettner-Nauroth

No. 2003:1: Effects of Switching Barriers on Satisfaction, Repurchase Intentions and Attitudinal Loyalty Full Text
Claes-Robert Julander and Magnus Söderlund

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2017
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