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No. 1144: Wholesale Funding Dry-Ups Full Text
Christophe Perignon, David Thesmar and Guillaume Vuillemey

No. 1143: The Long-Term Returns to Durable Assets Full Text
Christophe Spaenjers

No. 1142: Price and Quality Decisions by Self-Serving Managers Full Text
Daniel Halbheer, Marco Bertini and Oded Koenigsberg

No. 1141: Incentives and the Structure of Communication Full Text
Thomas J Rivera

No. 1140: The Effects of IFRS Adoption on Observed Earnings Smoothing Properties: The Confounding Effects of Changes in Timely Gain and Loss Recognition Full Text
Vedran Capkun and Daniel W Collins

No. 1139: Distributive Justice and Joint Venture Termination: A Social Exchange Perspective Full Text
Pierre Dussauge, Birgul Arslan and Ulrich Wassmer

No. 1138: What Role for Civil Society Coalitions in Supranational Governance? Full Text
Alberto Alemanno

No. 1137: Public Policy to Promote Entrepreneurship: A Call to Arms Full Text
Thomas B Astebro, Zoltan J Acs, David B Audretsch and David T Robinson

No. 1136: Sticky Expectations and Stock Market Anomalies Full Text
David Thesmar, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Philipp Krueger and Augustin Landier

No. 1134: The Excess Returns of 'Quality' Stocks: A Behavioral Anomaly Full Text
David Thesmar, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Ciliberti Stefano, Augustin Landier and Guillaume Simon

No. 1133: The Sovereign-Bank Diabolic Loop and Esbies Full Text
David Thesmar, Markus K Brunnermeier, Luis Garicano, Philip R Lane, Marco Pagano, Ricardo Reis, Tano Santos, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Dimitri Vayanos

No. 1132: Earnings Increases as a Type-Revealing Signal Full Text
Vedran Capkun and Messod Daniel Beneish

No. 1131: Climate Change Assessments: Confidence, Probability and Decision Full Text
Brian Hill, Richard Bradley and Casey Helgeson

No. 1130: Appendix: Invention Quality and Entrepreneurial Earnings: The Role of Prior Employment Variety Full Text
Thomas B Astebro and Kevyn Yong

No. 1129: Invention Quality and Entrepreneurial Earnings: The Role of Prior Employment Variety Full Text
Thomas B Astebro and Kevyn Yong

No. 1128: The Effects of a Training Program to Encourage Social Entrepreneurship Full Text
Thomas B Astebro and Florian Hoos

No. 1127: Ripple Effects of Noise on Corporate Investment Full Text
Thierry Foucault, Olivier Dessaint, Laurent Frésard and Adrien Matray

No. 1126: Rich Pickings? Risk, Return, and Skill in the Portfolios of the Wealthy Full Text
Laurent E Calvet, Laurent Bach and Paolo Sodini

No. 1125: Choice - Based Cardinal Utility. A Tribute to Patrick Suppes Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Jean Baccelli

No. 1124: The Protection Economy: Occasional Service Failure as a Business Model Full Text
Daniel Halbheer, Eitan Gerstner and Oded Koenigsberg

No. 1123: Fast and Slow Informed Trading Full Text
Ioanid Rosu

No. 1122: Budgeting in Times of Economic Crisis Full Text
Sebastian D Becker, Matthias D Mahlendorf, Utz Schäffer and Mario Thaten

No. 1121: Tastlé-Nestlé, Toogle-Google: The Effects of Similarity to Familiar Brand Names in Brand Name Innovation Full Text
Tina M Lowrey and Ann Kronrod

No. 1120: Alleviating Managerial Dilemmas in Human-Capital-Intensive Firms Through Incentives: Evidence from M&A Legal Advisors Full Text
Olivier Chatain and Philipp Meyer-Doyle

No. 1119: How Much Better Is Better Regulation? Assessing the Impact of the Better Regulation Package on the European Union – A Research Agenda Full Text
Alberto Alemanno

No. 1118: Academic Entrepreneurship: Bayh-Dole versus the 'Professor's Privilege' Full Text
Thomas B Astebro, Serguey Braguinsky, Pontus Braunerhjelm and Anders Broström

No. 1117: Understanding the Dynamics of Service-Oriented Architecture Implementation Full Text
Xitong Li and Stuart Madnick

No. 1116: A Theorem on Aggregating Classifications Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Francois Maniquet

No. 1115: The Utilitarian Relevance of the Aggregation Theorem Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Marc Fleurbaey

No. 1114: Attention, Information Processing and Choice in Incentive-Aligned Choice Experiments Full Text
Cathy L Yang, Olivier Toubia and Martijn G de Jong

No. 1113: L'action publique relative aux risques majeurs: diagnostics et recommandations Full Text
Philippe Mongin, Céline Grislain-Letrémy and Reza Lahidji

No. 1112: Systemic Risk in Clearing Houses: Evidence from the European Repo Market Full Text
David Thesmar, Evren Ors, Francois Derrien and Charles Boissel

No. 1111: Beyond the Target Customer: Social Effects of CRM Campaigns Full Text
Peter Ebbes, Eva Ascarza, Oded Netzer and Matt Danielson

No. 1110: Incentive Programs for Reducing Readmissions When Patient Care is Co-Produced Full Text
Dimitrios Andritsos and Christopher Tang

No. 1109: Optimal Feed-In Tariff Policies: The Role of Technology Manufacturers Full Text
Shadi Goodarzi, Sam Aflaki and Andrea Masini

No. 1108: The Inequality Accelerator Full Text
Eric Mengus and Roberto Pancrazi

No. 1107: Category Spanning, Evaluation, and Performance: Revised Theory and Test on the Corporate Law Market Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Lionel Paolella

No. 1106: Energy Efficiency Contracting in Supply Chains Under Asymmetric Bargaining Power Full Text
Ali Shantia, Sam Aflaki and Andrea Masini

No. 1105: Media Bias and the Persistence of the Expectation Gap: An Analysis of Press Articles on Corporate Fraud Full Text
Cédric Lesage, Hervé Stolowy, Jeffrey Cohen and Yuan Ding

No. 1104: Shareholders’ Demand for Conservatism? Accounting Conservatism, Earnings Management, and the Stewardship Value of Information Full Text
Larmande Larmande

No. 1103: Pricing Model Management: Evidence from Employee Stock Option (Un)Fair Valuation Full Text
Francois Larmande, Loïc Belze and Lorenz Schneider

No. 1102: Managerial Ownership Changes and Mutual Fund Performance Full Text
Thorsten Martin and Florian Sonnenburg

No. 1101: Seeking the Roots of Entrepreneurship: Insights from Behavioral Economics Full Text
Thomas Astebro, Holger Herz, Ramana Nanda and Roberto Weber

No. 1100: Classical Deviation: Organizational and Individual Status as Antecedents of Conformity Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Pierre-Antoine Kremp

No. 1099: Corporate Strategy, Conformism, and the Stock Market Full Text
Thierry Foucault and Laurent Frésard

No. 1098: Peer Conformity, Attention, and Heterogeneous Implementation of Practices in MNEs Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Anne Jacqueminet

No. 1097: Classification Models Via Tabu Search: An Application to Early Stage Venture Classification Full Text
Thomas Astebro, Canan Akdemir and Samir Elhedhli

No. 1096: Financial Integration and Growth: Banks' Previous Industry Exposure Matters Full Text
Neslihan Dincbas, Tomasz Michalski and Evren Ors

No. 1095: Institutions and the Direction of Innovative Search: Change and Persistence Between and Within Countries Full Text
Denisa Mindruta, Joao Pimentel and Glenn Hoetker

No. 1094: La Démarche Fidelio. Fondements Et Mise En Pratique Full Text
Michel Fiol, Paul Delahaie, Catherine Tanneau and Annabel-Mauve Adjognon

No. 1093: Markov Perfect Equilibria in Stochastic Revision Games Full Text
Stefano Lovo and Tristan Tomala

No. 1092: The EU Public Interest Clinic and Wikimedia Present: Extending Freedom of Panorama in Europe Full Text
Alberto Alemanno, Lamin Khadar, Giuseppe Mazziotti, Karel Bernardi, Bianca Isaias and Joshua Lobert

No. 1091: Recovery Targets and Taxation/Subsidy Policies to Promote Product Reuse Full Text
Sam Aflaki and Shumail Mazahir

No. 1090: Geographical Vibrancy and Firm Performance Full Text
Alexei Ovtchinnikov and Michael Cooper

No. 1089: The Capacity of Trading Strategies Full Text
David Thesmar and Augustin Landier

No. 1088: Where the Risks Lie: A Survey on Systemic Risk Full Text
Jean-Edouard Colliard and Christophe Perignon

No. 1087: Establishing Relationships with New Suppliers Having Distant Knowledge to Target Discontinuous Innovation Full Text
Sihem Ben Mahmoud Jouini and Florence Charue-Duboc

No. 1086: A Certainty Equivalent Valuation of Social Security Entitlements Full Text
Sylvain Catherine

No. 1085: Incentives, Social Comparison Costs, and the Proximity of Envy's Object Full Text
Tomasz Obloj and Todd Zenger

No. 1084: The Emergence of Law and Behavioural Science: A European Perspective Full Text
Alberto Alemanno and Anne-Lise Sibony

No. 1083: Management Control in Service Activities: A 'New Frontier'? Full Text
Véronique Malleret

No. 1082: Social Preference and Social Welfare Under Risk and Uncertainty Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Marcus Pivato

No. 1081: Revisiting 30 Years of SMA Literature: What Can We Say, Think and Do? Full Text
Véronique Malleret and Olivier De La Villarmois

No. 1080: The Impact of Aligning IT Capability and Operations Strategy on Operational Performance Full Text
Andrea Masini, Andrea Bacchetti, Marco Perona and Massimo Zanardini

No. 1079: Uncertainty Aversion, Multi Utility Representations and State Independence of Utility Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 1078: Accounting Quality and Debt Concentration: Evidence from Internal Control Weakness Disclosures Full Text
Yun Lou and Clemens Otto

No. 1077: Housing Collateral and Entrepreneurship Full Text
David Thesmar and David Sraer

No. 1076: Do Ratings of Firms Converge? Implications for Managers, Investors and Strategy Researchers Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Samuel Touboul

No. 1075: Can Innovation Help U.S. Manufacturing Firms Escape Import Competition from China? Full Text
Johan Hombert and Adrien Matray

No. 1074: Comparisons of Ambiguous Experiments Full Text
Tristan Tomala and Fabien Gensbittel

No. 1072: A Bounded Rationality Model of Information Search and Choice in Preference Measurement Full Text
Cathy Yang and Olivier Toubia

No. 1071: Specialized Capabilities in Integrated Solutions: The Role of Fit Full Text
Andrea Masini and Federica Ceci

No. 1070: Does Economic Growth Matter? Technology-Push, Demand-Pull and Endogenous Drivers of Innovation in the Renewable Energy Industry Full Text
Sam Aflaki and Andrea Masini

No. 1069: The Limits of Systems Integration: Complementarity, Contingencies, and Solution Design Choices Full Text
Andrea Masini and Federica Ceci

No. 1068: A Two-Sided Matching Approach for Partner Selection and Assessing Complementarities in Partners’ Attributes in Inter-Firm Alliances Full Text
Denisa Mindruta and Mahka Moeen

No. 1067: Rethinking Nudges Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Mikaël Cozic

No. 1066: U.S. Banking Integration and State-Level Exports Full Text
Tomasz Michalski and Evren Ors

No. 1065: Payment Evasion Full Text
Daniel Halbheer and Stefan Buehler

No. 1064: Risk-Based Capital Requirements for Banks and International Trade Full Text
Tomasz Michalski and Evren Ors

No. 1063: Judgment Aggregation Theory Can Entail New Social Choice Results Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Francois Maniquet

No. 1062: Do M&A Lawsuits Discipline Managers' Investment Behavior? Full Text
Thomas Bourveau and Sven Spira

No. 1061: From God to Markets. An Analysis of the Meaning Work of Boundary Actors During the 'Mainstreaming' of Socially Responsible Investment Full Text
Afshin Mehrpouya

No. 1060: Confidence as a Source of Deferral Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 1059: Transparency: From Enlightenment to Neoliberalism or When a Norm of Liberation Becomes a Tool of Governing Full Text
Afshin Mehrpouya and Marie-Laure Djelic

No. 1058: Time Series Properties of the Renewable Energy Diffusion Process: Implications for Energy Policy Design and Assessment Full Text
Andrea Masini and Sam Aflaki

No. 1057: Aggregating Tastes, Beliefs, and Attitudes Under Uncertainty Full Text
Brian Hill and Eric Danan

No. 1056: Projecting Different Identities: A Longitudinal Study of the 'Whipsaw' Effects of Changing Leadership Discourse About the Triple Bottom Line Full Text
Bertrand Moingeon and Julie Bayle-Cordier

No. 1055: The Economics of Aesthetics and Three Centuries of Art Price Records Full Text
Christophe Spaenjers and William Goetzmann

No. 1054: A Behavioural Approach to Health Promotion: Informing the Global NCD Agenda with Behavioural Full Text
Alberto Alemanno

No. 1053: Political Activism and Firm Innovation Full Text
Alexei Ovtchinnikov and Syed Reza

No. 1052: Instabilities in Large Economies: Aggregate Volatility Without Idiosyncratic Shocks Full Text
David Thesmar and Augustin Landier

No. 1051: Incomplete Preferences and Confidence Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 1050: The Collateral Risk of ETFs Full Text
Christophe Perignon, Stanley Yeung, Christophe Hurlin and Grégoire Iseli

No. 1049: Fundamentals and Exchange Rate Forecastability with Machine Learning Methods Full Text
Tomasz Michalski and Christophe Amat

No. 1048: Through the Looking Glass: Indirect Inference via Simple Equilibria Full Text
Laurent Calvet and Veronika Czellar

No. 1047: Competition and the Operational Performance of Hospitals: The Role of Hospital Objectives Full Text
Dimitrios Andritsos and Sam Aflaki

No. 1046: How Does Corporate Investment Respond to Increased Entry Threat? Full Text
Philip Valta and Laurent Frésard

No. 1045: Exploring the Role of Instruments in the Transformation of Logics: The Case of Socially Responsible Investment Full Text
Diane-Laure Arjaliès

No. 1044: Managing Transition in an Artistic Company with Entrepreneurial Management: A Case Study of Groupe Bernard Loiseau Full Text
Frédéric Leroy and Thomas Paris

No. 1043: Who Are the Value and Growth Investors? Full Text
Laurent Calvet and Sebastien Betermier

No. 1042: Detecting Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes with Mixed Gambles Full Text
Thomas Astebro and Luís Santos-Pinto

No. 1041: Asset Divestment as a Response to Media Attacks in Stigmatized Industries Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Jean-Philippe Vergne

No. 1040: Toxic Arbitrage Full Text
Thierry Foucault and Roman Kozhan

No. 1039: Unbanked Households: Evidence of Supply-Side Factors Full Text
Adrien Matray and Claire Celerier

No. 1038: Taxation and Economic Incentives on Health-Related Commodities: Alcohol, Tobacco and Food Full Text
Alberto Alemanno and Franco Sassi

No. 1037: Unique Durable Assets Full Text
Stefano Lovo and Christophe Spaenjers

No. 1036: False News, Informational Efficiency, and Price Reversals Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT and Jérôme DUGAST

No. 1035: When Organizations Deinstitutionalize Control Practices: A Multiple-Case Study of Budget Abandonment Full Text
Sebastian Becker

No. 1033: Debt Structure Dispersion and Loan Covenants Full Text
Yun Lou and Clemens Otto

No. 1032: Risk versus Ambiguity and International Security Design Full Text
Brian Hill and Tomasz Michalski

No. 1031: Moving Beyond Stylized Economic Network Models: The Hybrid World of the Indian Firm Ownership Network Full Text
Dalhia Mani and James Moody

No. 1026: Do Managers Overreact to Salient Risks? Evidence from Hurricane Strikes Full Text
Olivier Dessaint and Adrien Matray

No. 1025: Bias Dilemma: De-Biasing and the Consequent Introduction of New Biases Full Text
Jiulin Teng

No. 1024: Defying Gravity: Costly Signaling to Mislead or to Inform? Full Text
Messod Daniel Beneish, Vedran Capkun and Martin S. Fridson

No. 1021: Le Paradoxe d'Allais: Comment lui rendre sa signification perdue? (Allais's Paradox: How to Give It Back Its Lost Meaning?) Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 1020: Can Unemployment Insurance Spur Entrepreneurial Activity? Evidence from France Full Text
Johan Hombert, Antoinette Schoar, David Alexandre Sraer and David Thesmar

No. 1019: The Price of Wine Full Text
Elroy Dimson, Peter L. Rousseau and Christophe Spaenjers

No. 1015: Approximate Implementation in Markovian Environments Full Text
Ludovic Renou and Tristan Tomala

No. 1013: What Drives Financial Complexity? A Look into the Retail Market for Structured Products Full Text
Claire Celerier and Boris Vallee

No. 1011: Warm-Glow Giving and Freedom to Be Selfish Full Text
Ozgur Evren and Stefania Minardi

No. 1010: Financing Investment: The Choice between Bonds and Bank Loans Full Text
Erwan Morellec, Philip Valta and Alexei Zhdanov

No. 1009: Strategic Information Exchange Full Text
Dinah Rosenberg, Eilon Solan and Nicolas Vieille

No. 1008: On Games of Strategic Experimentation Full Text
Dinah Rosenberg, Antoine Salomon and Nicolas Vieille

No. 1007: Markov Games with Frequent Actions and Incomplete Information Full Text
Pierre Cardaliaguet, Catherine Rainer, Dinah Rosenberg and Nicolas Vieille

No. 1006: Properties of Instrumental Variables Estimation in Logit-Based Demand Models: Finite Sample Results Full Text
Rick L. Andrews and Peter Ebbes

No. 1005: Systemic Risk Score: A Suggestion Full Text
Christophe Hurlin and Christophe Perignon

No. 1004: Institutional Logics as Strategic Resources Full Text
Rodolphe Durand, Bérangère Szostak, Julien Jourdan and Patricia Thornton

No. 1003: Unpacking the Principle of Openness in EU Law: Transparency, Participation and Democracy Full Text
Alberto Alemanno

No. 1002: Kitchen Confidential? Norms for the Use of Transferred Knowledge in Gourmet Cuisine Full Text
Giada Di Stefano, Andrew A. King and Gianmario Verona

No. 1001: The Elephant in the Room of Dynamic Capabilities: Bringing Two Diverging Conversations Together Full Text
Margaret A. Peteraf, Giada Di Stefano and Gianmario Verona

No. 1000: Debt Decisions in Deregulated Industries Full Text
Alexei V. Ovtchinnikov

No. 999: Firm-Specific Human Capital, Organizational Incentives, and Agency Costs: Evidence from Retail Banking Full Text
Douglas H. Frank Jr. and Tomasz Obloj

No. 998: Small Steps or Giant Leaps Forward: Theoretical Contributions in Management Studies Full Text
J. P. Cornelissen and Rodolp Durand

No. 997: Jules or Jim: Alternative Conformity to Minority Logics Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Julien Jourdan

No. 996: Category Stretching: Reorienting Research on Categories in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Organization Theory Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Lionel Paolella

No. 995: 'Serving Two Masters' and the Chief Audit Executive's Communication: Experimental Evidence About Internal Auditors’ Judgments Full Text
Florian Hoos, Natalia Kochetova-Kozloski and Anne D'Arcy

No. 994: Strategic Approaches of CO2 Emissions: The Cases of the Cement Industry and Chemical Industry Full Text
Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Cécile Goubet and Jean Pierre Ponssard

No. 992: Challengers from within Economic Institutions: A Second-Class Social Movement? A Response to Déjean, Giamporcaro, Gond, Leca and Penalva-Icher's Comment on French SRI Full Text
Diane-Laure Arjaliès

No. 991: Outsourcing Failure and Reintegration: The Influence of Contractual and External Factors Full Text
Sandro Cabral, Bertrand V. Quelin and Walmir Maia

No. 990: European Management Journal Full Text
Guillaume Chanson and Bertrand V. Quélin

No. 989: International Expansion, Diversification and Regulated Firm Nonmarket Strategy Full Text
Santiago Urbiztondo, Jean-Philippe Bonardi and Bertrand V. Quelin

No. 988: The Real Effects of Bank Capital Requirements Full Text
Matthieu Brun, Henri Fraisse and David Thesmar

No. 987: Resolving the Commitment vs. Flexibility Trade-Off: The Role of Resource Accumulation Lags Full Text
Gonçalo Pacheco-de-Almeida, James E. Henderson and Karel Cool

No. 986: Marking to Market and Inefficient Investment Decisions Full Text
Clemens A. Otto and Paolo F. Volpin

No. 985: Subjective Life Horizon and Portfolio Choice Full Text
Christophe Spaenjers and Sven Michael Spira

No. 984: Entrepreneurial Spawning and Firm Characteristics Full Text
Pierre Mella-Barral, Michel A. Habib and Ulrich Hege

No. 983: Dynamic Consistency and Ambiguity: A Reappraisal Full Text
Brian HILL

No. 982: Over-Confidence and Entrepreneurial Choice Under Ambiguity Full Text
Anisa Shyti

No. 981: Nudging Healthy Lifestyles – Informing Regulatory Governance with Behavioural Research Full Text
Alberto Alemanno, On Amir, Luc Bovens, Adam Burgess, Orly Lobel, Kyle Powys Whyte and Evan Selinger

No. 980: Networked Narratives: Understanding Word-of-Mouth Marketing in Online Communities Full Text
Robert Kozinets, Andrea C. Wojnicki, Sarah J. S. Wilner and Kristine De Valck

No. 979: A Note on 'Sourcing Decisions with Stochastic Supplier Reliability and Stochastic Demand' Full Text
Christian Van Delft and Jean-Philippe Vial

No. 978: Shining in the Center: Central Gaze Cascade Effect on Product Choice Full Text
Selin Atalay, H. Onur Bodur and Dina Rasolofoarison

No. 977: The Economic Returns to Entrepreneurship – Implications for Stimulating Entrepreneurship Full Text
Thomas B. Astebro

No. 976: Investment Decisions in the Renewable Energy Sector: An Analysis of Non-Financial Drivers Full Text
Andrea Masini and Emanuela Menichetti

No. 975: News Trading and Speed Full Text
Thierry Foucault, Johan Hombert and Ioanid Rosu

No. 974: The Impact of Behavioral Factors in the Renewable Energy Investment Decision Making Process: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Findings Full Text
Andrea Masini and Emanuela Menichetti

No. 973: Is There a Role for Cost-Benefit Analysis Beyond the Nation-State?: Lessons from International Regulatory Co-Operation Full Text
Alberto Alemanno

No. 972: Balancing Specialized and Generic Capabilities in the Provision of Integrated Solutions Full Text
Federica Ceci and Andrea Masini

No. 971: The Construction of a Trustworthy Investment Opportunity: Insights from the Madoff Fraud Full Text
Hervé Stolowy, Martin Messner, Thomas Jeanjean and C. Richard Baker

No. 970: Does Academic Entrepreneurship Pay? Full Text
Thomas B. Astebro, Pontus Braunerhjelm and Anders Broström

No. 969: What's Beneath the Surface? Option Pricing with Multifrequency Latent States Full Text
Laurent E. Calvet, Marcus Fearnley, Fisher Adlai J. and Leippold Markus

No. 968: Equilibrium Fast Trading Full Text
Bruno Biais, Thierry Foucault and Sophie Moinas

No. 967: Testing the Limits of Global Food Governance: The Case of Ractopamine Full Text
Alberto Alemanno and Giuseppe Capodieci

No. 966: Dynamic Sender-Receiver Games Full Text
Jerome Renault, Eilon Solan and Nicolas Vieille

No. 962: From God to markets Full Text
Afshin Mehrpouya

No. 960: Une conception néo-poppérienne de l'explication en sciences sociales et ses difficultés internes Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 959: Unanimity and the aggregation of multiple prior opinions Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 958: Optimal strategy for stochastic product rollover under risk using CVAR analysis Full Text
Christian Van Delft, Laoucine Kerbache and Hiba El Khoury

No. 957: The economic consequences of increasing the international visibility of financial reports Full Text
Hervé Stolowy, Thomas Jeanjean and Michael Erkens

No. 956: Information, trust and the limits of “intelligent accountability” in investment decision making: insights from the Madoff case Full Text
Hervé Stolowy, Richard Baker, Thomas Jeanjean and Martin Messner

No. 955: The relevance of utilirianism Full Text
Philipppe Mongin and Marc Fleurbaey

No. 954: Approval voting and arrow's impossibility theorem Full Text
Philippe Mongin and François Maniquet

No. 953: Une source méconnue de la théorie de l'agrégation des jugements Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 952: Exploring the role of objects in the transformation of logics: a practice perspective Full Text
Diane-Laure Arjaliès

No. 951: ownership concentration and audit fees: do auditors matter most when investors are protected least ? Full Text
Cédric Lesage and Chiraz Ben Ali

No. 950: On the edges of the market : the Court of justice of the European Union and information asymmetry in the regulated professions Full Text
Philippe Corruble

No. 949: Une étude empirique sur les débats et conflits lors de l élaboration du budget Full Text
Véronique Nguyen Tan Hon and Hélène Löning

No. 948: Twin picks: disentangling the determinants of risk-taking in household portfolios Full Text
Laurent-Emmanuel Calvet and Paolo Sodini

No. 947: state-observation sampling and the econometrics of learning models Full Text
Laurent-Emmanuel Calvet and Veronika Czellar

No. 946: La dématérialisation dans les médias, l'art et la création Full Text
Yves Evrard, Nicole Ferry-Maccario, Thomas Paris, Alain Busson, Olivier Landau and Florence Caro

No. 945: Input substitutability,trade costs and the product cycle Full Text
Tomasz Michalski

No. 944: individual vs. collective behavior: an experimental. investigation of risk and time preferences in couples Full Text
Mohammed Abdellaoui, Olivier l'Haridon and Corina Paraschiv

No. 943: La théorie de la décision et la psychologie du sens commun Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 942: Judgment aggregation Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 941: An interpretive account of logical aggregation theory Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Franz Dietrich

No. 940: Deferral, incomplete preferences and confidence Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 939: Awareness and equilibrium Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 938: Does bargaining matter in the small firm's matching Mmodel? Full Text
Olivier L'Haridon, Franck Malherbet and Sébastien Pérez-Duarte

No. 937: Les enjeux du revenu de solidarité active (RSA) Full Text
Philippe MONGIN

No. 936: Un bilan interprétatif de la théorie de l’agrégation logique Full Text
Philippe Mongin and Franz Dietrich

No. 935: Is the luxury industry really a financier’s dream ? Full Text
Jean-Noël Kapferer and Olivier Tabatoni

No. 934: Prestigious organizations and heterodox choice in institutionally plural contexts Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Berangere Szostak

No. 933: Does marketing and sales integration always pay off? evidence from a social capital perspective Full Text
Dominique Rouziès, John Hulland and Donald W Barclay

No. 932: The making of the management accountant. Becoming the producer of truthful knowledge Full Text
Caroline Lambert and Eric Pezet

No. 931: Roles, authority and involvement of the management accounting function: a multiple case-study perspective Full Text
Caroline Lambert and Samuel Sponem

No. 930: Do countries falsify economic date strategically? Some evidence that they do Full Text
Tomasz Michalski and Gilles Stoltz

No. 929: Who is she and who are we? A critical essay on reflexivity in research into the rarity of women executives in accountancy Full Text
Claire Dambrin and Caroline Lambert

No. 928: Multiple measures, inscription instability and action at a distance: performance measurement practices in the pharmaceutical industry Full Text
Claire Dambrin and Keith Robson

No. 927: Preopening and equilibrium selection Full Text
Stefano Lovo and Ricardo Calcagno

No. 926: Mechanism design and communication networks Full Text
Tristan Tomala and Ludovic Renou

No. 925: Time-varying incentives in the mutual fund industry Full Text
Jacque Olivier and Anthony Tay

No. 924: Analytic narrative Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 923: Is marketing becoming a dirty word? A longitudinal study of public perceptions of marketing Full Text
Frédéric Dalsace and Dmitri Markovitch

No. 922: Bargaining power and supply base diversification Full Text
Zhixi WAN and Damian R. Beil

No. 921: Belief-free equilibria in games with incomplete information: characterization and existence Full Text
Stefano Lovo, Tristan Tomala and Johannes Hörner

No. 920: Liquidity cycles and make/take fees in electronic markets Full Text
Thierry Foucault, Ohad Kadan and Eugene Kandel

No. 919: Confidence in preferences Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 918: Consumer reactions to self-expressive brand display Full Text
Sandor Czellar, David E. Sprott, Eric R. Spangenberg and David Raska

No. 917: Risk attitude, beliefs updating and the information content of trades: an experiment Full Text
Stefno Lovo, Christophe Bisière and Jean-Paul Décamps

No. 916: Should small countries fear deindustrialization ? Full Text
Thomasz Michalski and Ai-Ting Goh

No. 915: A game theoretic analysis of the Waterloo campaign and some comments on the analytic narrative project Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 914: Confidence and ambiguity Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 913: Building social business models: lessons from the Grameen experience Full Text
Bertrand Moingeon, Muhammad Yunus and Laurence Lehmann-Ortega

No. 912: Waterloo et les regard croisés de l'interprétation Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 911: Faut-il attribuer le revenu de solidarité active à 18 ans ? Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 910: Employment protection reform in search economies Full Text
Olivier L'Haridon and Franck Malherbe

No. 909: Betting on Machina's reflection example: an experiment on ambiguity Full Text
Olivier L’Haridon and Lætitia Placido

No. 908: Point de référence et aversion aux pertes : quel intérêt pour les gestionnaires ? Full Text
Corina Paraschiv and Olivier L’Haridon

No. 907: A resource need and availability view of the make or ally choice: evidence from the worldwide aircraft industry 1945-2000 Full Text
Bernard Garrette, Pierre Dussauge and Xavier Castaner

No. 906: Unpacking the "institutional portfolio" theoretical elements for an analysis of institutional change through objectification of resources and habitus Full Text
Thierry Viale

No. 905: Priority allocation decisions in large scale MTO/MTS multi-product manufacturing systems : Technical report Full Text
Christian Van Deft, Yann Dallery and Khaled Hadj Youssef

No. 904: Why do you speak English (in your annual report)? Full Text
Thomas Jeanjean, Hervé Stolowy and Cédric Lesage

No. 903: Determinants of board members’ financial expertise – Empirical evidence from France Full Text
Hervé Stolowy and Thomas Jeanjean

No. 902: Sur le Revenu de Solidarité Active Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 901: La publication d'une information financière non conforme à la loi et aux normes : déterminants et conséquences Full Text
Hervé Stolowy, Nadia Smaili and Réal Labelle

No. 900: The role of managers’ behavior in corporate fraud
Jeffrey Cohen, Yuan Ding, Cedric Lesage and Hervé Stolowy

No. 899: Individual investors and volatility Full Text
Thierry Foucault, David Themar and David Sraer

No. 898: Une forme minimale de coopération Full Text
Cédric Paternotte

No. 897: Dual use of budgeting in uncertainty contexts: Explorative study of senior sales and marketing managers Full Text
Hélène Löning, M. Besson and Carla Mendoza

No. 896: Uncovering Simons’ structuralism with cognitive theories: Interactive control systems and processes of learning Full Text
Claire Dambrin and Hélène Löning

No. 895: How HRM control affects boundary-spanning employees’ behavioural strategies and satisfaction : The moderating impact of cultural performance orientation Full Text
Dominique Rouziès, Vincent Onyemah and Nikolaos Panagopoulos

No. 894: Measuring idiosyncratic risks in leveraged buyout transactions Full Text
Oliver Gottschalg, Alexander Peter Groh and Rainer Baule

No. 893: Business and politics: how political beliefs influence volume and performance of leveraged buyouts Full Text
Oliver Gottschalg

No. 892: Insiders-outsiders, transparency and the value of the ticker Full Text
Thierry Foucault and Giovanni Cespa

No. 891: Third party labeling and the consumer decision process Full Text
Fabrice Larceneux and Marie Carpenter

No. 890: Whence brand evaluations ? Investigating the relevance of personal and extrapersonal associations in brand attitudes Full Text
Sandor CZELLAR, Benjamin VOYER, Alexandre SCHWOB and David LUNA

No. 888: Detecting attitude change with the implicit association test Full Text
Sandor CZELLAR and Russell H. FAZIO

No. 887: Component-based structural equation modelling Full Text

No. 886: The premiss-based approach to logical aggregation
Philippe MONGIN and Franz DIETRICH

No. 885: Structural Equation Modelling for small samples Full Text

No. 884: Belief-free equilibria in games with incomplete information Full Text
LOVO Stefano

No. 883: When is there state independence? Full Text
HILL Brian

No. 882: An additively separable representation in the Savage framework Full Text
HILL Brian

No. 881: Dynamic Awareness Full Text
HILL Brian

No. 880: Decision making and brand choice by older consumers Full Text
Gilles Laurent

No. 879: Basel II and the Value of Bank Differentiation Full Text
Ulrich Hege and Eberhard Feess

No. 878: Acquisition Values and Optimal Financial (In)Flexibility Full Text
Ulrich Hege and Christopher Hennessy

No. 877: The Effect of Expertise on the Relation between Implicit and Explicit Attitude Measures:An formation Availability/Accessibility Perspective Full Text
Sandor Czellar and David Luna

No. 876: Control at a distance as self-control: the renewal of the myth of control through technology Full Text
Claire Dambrin

No. 875: To be or not to be consistent in brand logo changes? Full Text
Sandor Czellar and Bruno Kocher

No. 874: Living without state-independence of utilities Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 873: Three analyses of sour grapes Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 872: Towards an understanding of the phases of goodwill accounting in four Western capitalist countries: From stakeholder model to shareholder model Full Text
Yuan Ding, Hervé Stolowy and Jacques Richard

No. 871: Mémorisation des prix par les enfants : Que nous apprennent leurs erreurs de rappel ? Full Text
Coralie DAMAY

No. 870: Le recours au coaching pour les associés d'un cabinet de conseil - Analyse des facteurs organisationnels et des motivations personnelles Full Text
Pauline Fatien

No. 869: Society, firm, individual : the striking topicality of Taylor’s “vision of the world” Full Text
Andreu Solé and Bruno Maggi

No. 868: Towards a "sophisticated" model of belief dynamics Full Text
Brian HILL

No. 867: The (topo)logic of vagueness Full Text
Brian Hill

No. 866: Une étude d'histoire militaire instruite par la Théorie des jeux et quelques amplifications Méthodologiques Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 865: Text and artefacts for creating a "World of Investment Decision-Making" : an empirical study into investment procedures Full Text
Claire DAMBRIN and Anne PEZET

No. 864: Exporting professional models: the expansion of the multinational audit firm and the transformation of the French accountancy profession since 1970 Full Text

No. 863: Do scale alliances with competitors improve product performace? A study of the Aircraft industry, 1949-2000 Full Text

No. 862: Motherhood: The key to the glass ceiling ? the case of the big four in France Full Text
Claire Dambrin and Caroline Lambert

No. 859: Equity and cash in intercorporate asset sales : theory and evidence Full Text
Ulrich Hege, Stefano Lovo, Myron Slovin and Marie Sushka

No. 858: Normes et jugements de valeur en économie normative Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 857: Inter-organizational communities of practice: specificities and stakes Full Text
Bertrand Moingeon, Bertrand Quélin, Frédéric Dalsace and Fabrice Lumineau

No. 856: Informational externalities and convergence of behavior Full Text
Nicolas Vieille, Dinah Rosenberg and Eilon Solan

No. 855: "Be yourself or rather be your Brand"! care of the self as a control tool in a cosmetics firm Full Text
Claire Dambrin and Caroline Lambert

No. 854: Factoring out the impossibility of logical aggregation Full Text
Philippe Mongin

No. 852: The performance of private equity funds Full Text
Gottschalg Oliver and Phalippou Ludovic

No. 851: Money chasing deals and chasing money - the impact of supply and demand on buyout performance Full Text
Oliver Gottshalg and Daniel Zipser

No. 849: L'a priori et l'a posteriori en Economie Full Text
Philippe MONGIN

No. 848: Tell me which perfume you wear, I'll tell you how old you are: Modeling the Impact of Consumer age on Product choice Full Text

No. 847: L'analytique et le synthétique en économie Full Text
Philippe MONGIN

No. 845: Belief-free Equilibria in games with incomplete information Full Text
Stefano LOVO and Johanes HÖRNER

No. 844: Discipliner les autres et agir sur soi : les vies du contrôleur de gestion Full Text
Caroline Lambert and Eric Pezet

No. 843: La question du genre en comptabilité : analyses théoriques et méthodologiques Full Text
Caroline Lambert and Claire Dambrin

No. 842: Control and change studying the process of institutionalisation Full Text
Claire Dambrin, Caroline Lambert and Samuel Sponem

No. 840: Stock price informativeness, cross-listings and investment decisions Full Text
Thierry Foucault and Thomas Gehrig

No. 839: The missing lens in family firm governance theory: a self-other typology of parental altruism Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Michael H. Lubatkin

No. 838: A true competitive advantage? Reflections on different epistemological approaches to strategy research Full Text
Rodolphe Durand and Eero Vaara

No. 837: Brand-extended self-construal Full Text
Sandor Czellar, David E. Sprott and Eric R. Spangenberg

No. 836: Knowledge management : a learning mix perspective Full Text
Bertrand Moingeon and Alexandre Perrin

No. 835: The motives of organizational justice Full Text
Thierry Nadisic

No. 834: The risk-adjusted performance of US buyouts Full Text
Alexander Groh and Oliver Gottschalg

No. 833: Motivation and the theory of the firm Full Text
Oliver Gottschalg and Maurizio Zollo

No. 832: Down or out: assessing the welfare costs of household investment mistakes Full Text
Laurent Calvet, John Y. Campbell and Paolo Sodini

No. 831: Competition for order flow and smart order routing systems Full Text
Thierry Foucault and Albert Menkveld

No. 830: Assesing the frequency and clauses of out-of-stock events through store scanner data Full Text
Anne-Sophie Bayle-Tourtoulou, Gilles Laurent and Sandrine Macé

No. 829: Where is beta going ? the riskiness of value and small stocks Full Text
Francesco Franzoni

No. 828: Learning about Beta: time-varying factor loadings, expected returns and the conditional CAPM Full Text
Francesco Franzoni and Tobias Adrian

No. 827: Levels of voluntary disclosure in IPO prospectuses : an empirical analysis Full Text
Thomas Jeanjean and Anne Cazavan-Jeny

No. 826: Differences between domestic accounting standards and IAS: measurement, determinants and implications Full Text
Yuan Ding, Stolowy Hervé, Ole-Kristian Hope and Thomas Jeanjean

No. 825: Interest alignment and firm performance Full Text
Oliver Gottschalg and Degenhard Meier

No. 824: Understanding value generation in buyouts Full Text
Oliver Gottschalg and Achim Berg

No. 823: Interest alignment and competitive advantage Full Text
Oliver Gottschalg and Mauricio Zollo

No. 822: What does it take to be good parent ? Opening the black-box of value creation in the unrealated multibusiness firm Full Text
Gottschalg Olivier and Degenhard Meier

No. 821: The need for scale as a driver of alliance formation : choosing between collaborative and autonomous production Full Text
Bernard Garrette, Xavier Castaner and Pierre Dussauge

No. 820: Connaissance du prix par les enfants de 5 à 13 ans : une étude exploratoire Full Text
Marc Vanhuele and Coralie Damay

No. 819: How do consumers overcome ambivalence toward hedonic purchases ? a typology of consumer strategies Full Text
Bernard Dubois, Gilles Laurent and Sandor Czellar

No. 818: Ideology and existence of 50%-majority equilibria in multidimensional spatial voting models Full Text
Hervé Crès and Utku Ünver

No. 817: Searching for the accounting features of capitalism: an illustration with the economic transition process in China Full Text
Eve Chiapello and Yuan Ding

No. 816: Portfolio diversification and internalization of production externalities through majority voting Full Text
Hervé Crès and Mich Tvede

No. 815: Nothing like the Enron affair could happen in France (!) Full Text
Hervé Stolowy

No. 814: To integrate or not to integrate ? complementarity, similarity, and acquisition value creation Full Text
Akbar Zaheer, Xavier Castaner and David Souder

No. 813: Consumers' immediate memory for prices Full Text
Marc VANHUELE, Gilles LAURENT and Xavier DREZE

No. 812: Making things visible : audit quality control in the UK and the definition of the professional order Full Text

No. 811: La rentabilité des services dans les entreprises industrielles: "enquête sur un postulat" Full Text
Véronique MALLERET

No. 810: Does Analyst Following Curb Earnings Management? Full Text
François DEGEORGE, Yuan DING, Thomas JEANJEAN and Hervé STOLOWY

No. 809: Repeat exposure effects of internet advertising Full Text
Janghyuk LEE and Donnel A. BRILEY

No. 808: Why do firms opt for Alternative-Format Financial Statements ? Some Evidence from France Full Text
Yuan DING, Thomas JEANJEAN and Hervé STOLOWY

No. 806: Internet media planning : an optimization model Full Text
Janghyuk LEE and Laoucine KERBACHE

No. 805: Innovation, new market and governance choices of entry : the internet brokerage market case Full Text

No. 804: Dynamic modeling of web purchase behavior and e-mailing impact by Petri net Full Text
Christine BALAGUE and Janghyuk LEE

No. 803: Planning and Scheduling Transportation Vehicle Fleet in a Congested Traffic Environment Full Text

No. 802: How Internal Transaction costs drive compensation schemes Full Text

No. 801: La déformation continue des managers Full Text
Michel FIOL and Fabien de GEUSER

No. 800: Le développement d'offres de services dans les PMI Full Text
Gérard BAGLIN and Véronique MALLERET

No. 799: Using projective techniques to further understanding of the RAPM-PEU relationship : evidence from the experience of marketing and sales managers Full Text
Hélène LÖNING, Madeleine BESSON and Carla MENDOZA

No. 798: Disclosure and determinants studies : an extension using the divisive clustering method (DIV) Full Text
Yuan DING, Hervé STOLOWY, Linghui FU and Huiwen WANG

No. 797: Quelles relations entre science de l'organisation et management ? Penser la contribution de H.A. Simon Full Text
Michel FIOL and Andreu SOLE

No. 796: Les grands auteurs du contrôle de gestion - Mary P. Follet : Le contrôle pour penser Full Text
Michel FIOL

No. 795: Should you set up your own Sales Force or should you outsource it? Pitfalls in the standard analysis
Frédéric DALSACE, William T. ROSS Jr. and Erin ANDERSON

No. 794: The Dreze and Grossman-Hart criteria for production in incomplete markets: Voting foundations and compared political stability Full Text
Hervé CRES and Mich TVEDE

No. 793: Knowledge Diffusion, Supplier's Technological Effort and Technology Transfer via Vertical Relationships Full Text
Ai-Ting GOH

No. 792: Country Institutional Differences and Multinational Advantage in Banking Full Text
Xavier CASTANER and Mehmet GENC

No. 791: International Vertical Specialization, Imperfect Competition and Welfare Full Text
Jacques OLIVIER and Ai ting GOH

No. 790: Note pour une approche trilogique de la valeur Full Text
Charles-Henri BESSEYRE des HORTS and Ismaël SENE

No. 789: A note on the take-it-or-leave-it bargaining procedure with double moral hazard and risk neutrality Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA

No. 788: Occupational Choice, Incentives and Wealth Redistributions with Scarcity of Capital Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA and Archishman CHAKRABORTY

No. 787: Path Dependence in Personal Selling : A Meso-Analysis of Vertical Integration Full Text
DALSACE Frédéric, ANDERSON Erin and ROSS, Jr. William T.

No. 786: Accounting and the Birth of the Notion of Capitalism Full Text

No. 785: Linkage principle, Multi-dimensional Signals and Blind Auctions Full Text
FOUCAULT Thierry and LOVO Stefano

No. 784: Does anonymity matter in electronic limit order markets ? Full Text

No. 783: International differences in R&D disclosure practices : evidence in a French and Canadian context Full Text

No. 782: Constructing the governable small practitioner: the changing nature of professional bodies and the management of professional accountants' identities in the UK Full Text

No. 781: R&D Productivty: an International Study Full Text

No. 780: Income statements "by nature" and analysis of company performance : an application of US airlines companies Full Text
Hervé STOLOWY, Yuan DING and C.Richard BAKER

No. 779: Engineering Hedonic Attributes to Generate Perceptions of Luxury:Consumer Perception of an Everyday Sound Full Text
LAURENT Gilles, LAGEAT Thierry and CZELLAR Sandor

No. 778: The role of Social Reformers in the Adoption of new Management Practices: The case of Budgetary Control in France, 1930-1959 Full Text

No. 777: The role of Criticism in the Dynamics of Performance Evaluation Systems Full Text

No. 776: A comparative Test of the Efficiency, focus and Learning Perspectives of Outsourcing Full Text
DALSACE Frédéric, DRAGONETTI Nicola C. and COOL Karel

No. 775: Planning as an integrative device Full Text

No. 774: La constitution d'une élite managériale au Kazakhstan dans le contexte économique, politique et culturel Full Text
REITTER Roland and SERDUKOV Svetlana

No. 773: Continuous-Time Games of Timing Full Text
VIEILLE Nicolas, LARAKI Rida and SOLAN Eilon

No. 772: Deterministic Multi-Player Dynkin Games Full Text
VIEILLE Nicolas and SOLAN Eilon

No. 771: Le capital immatériel : Application au secteur français
MAROIS Bernard

No. 770: Market informational inefficiency, risk aversion and quantity grid Full Text
Stefano LOVO and Jean-Paul DECAMPS

No. 769: Indulgent angels or stingy venture capitalists? The entrepreneurs' choice Full Text

No. 768: Pricing kernels and dynamic portfolios Full Text

No. 767: Long-term risk management of nuclear waste : a real options approach Full Text

No. 766: Régression linéaire généralisée PLS Full Text

No. 765: On some collusive and signaling equilibria in ascending auctions for multiple objects Full Text
Stefano LOVO, Gian Luigi ALBANO and Fabrizio GERMANO

No. 764: State-of-art on PLS Path Modeling through the available software Full Text

No. 763: Les fondements conceptuels de l'ABC "à la française" Full Text
Simon ALCOUFFE and Veronique MALLERET

No. 762: The reference to "alternative" standards by French Large groups: an empirical study over the period 1985/1999
Herve STOLOWY and Yuang DING

No. 761: Majority vote following a debate Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE and Itzhak GILBOA

No. 760: On the maxmin value of stochastic games with imperfect monitoring Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE, Dinah ROSENBERG and Eilon SOLAN

No. 759: Competence, specificity and outsourcing: impact on the complexity of the contract Full Text
Bertrand QUELIN and Jerome BARTHELEMY

No. 758: Risk aversion and herd behavior in financial markets Full Text
Stefano LOVO and Jean-Paul DECAMPS

No. 757: Perturbed Markov Chains Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE and Eilon SOLAN

No. 756: Approximating a sequence of observations by a simple process Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE, Dinah ROSENBERG and Eilon SOLAN

No. 755: Uniqueness in infinitely repeated decision problems
Nicolas VIEILLE and Jörgen W. WEIBULL

No. 754: Stochastic games with a single controller and incomplete information Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE, Dinah ROSENBERG and Eilon SOLAN

No. 753: Random walks and voting theory Full Text

No. 752: The value of benchmarking Full Text
Ulrich HEGE and Dirk BERGEMANN

No. 751: Repeated dilution of diffusely held debt Full Text
Ulrich HEGE and Pierre MELLA-BARRAL

No. 750: Ownership and control in joint ventures: theory and evidence Full Text
Ulrich HEGE and Robert HAUSWALD

No. 749: Controlling price volatility through financial innovation Full Text
CITANNA Alessandro and Karl SCHMEDDERS

No. 748: Age-induced decision shrinkage, another avenue to repeat purchase: the example of new automobiles Full Text

No. 747: Quitting games - an example Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE and Eilon SOLAN

No. 746: An Application of Ramsey Theorem to stopping Games Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE, Eran SHMAYA and Eilon SOLAN

No. 745: Two-player games : a reduction Full Text

No. 744: Stopping games: recent results Full Text
Nicolas VIEILLE and Eilon SOLAN

No. 743: Stochastic games : recent results Full Text

No. 742: Information sharing, liquidity and transaction costs in floor-based trading systems Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT and Laurence LESCOURRET

No. 741: CEO compensation strategies: consequences on the structure and Management of Executive Pay
Georges TREPO, Assaad EL AKREMI and Patrice ROUSSEL

No. 740: Portfolio allocation in transition economies Full Text

No. 739: Testing for differences in the tails of stock-market returns Full Text

No. 738: Psychologie du consommateur et comportement d'achat - mise en place et validation d'une échelle de personnalité Full Text
Jean-Michel GAUTIER

No. 737: Market efficiency and Price Formation when Dealers are Asymmetrically Informed Full Text
Stefano M. LOVO and R. CALCAGNO

No. 736: Consumer rapport to luxury : Analyzing complex and ambivalent attitudes Full Text
Bernard DUBOIS, Gilles LAURENT and Sandor CZELLAR

No. 735: Measuring and modeling the (limited) consistency of free choice attitude questions Full Text
Gilles LAURENT, Cam RUNGIE, Francesca DALL'OLMO RILEY, Donald G. MORRISON and Tirthankar ROY

No. 734: Does it pay to voluntarily disclose private information? Full Text

No. 733: Quantitative analysis of multi-periodic supply chain contracts with options via stochastic programming Full Text
Christian VAN DELFT and Jean-Philippe VIAL

No. 732: Continua of underemployment equilibria reflecting coordination failures, also at Walrasian prices Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA, Herve CRES, Jacques DREZE, Jean-Jacques HERINGS and Antonio VILLANACCI

No. 731: Financing decisions of firms and central bank policy Full Text
Jacques OLIVIER and Ai-Ting GOH

No. 730: Free trade and protection of intellectual property rights : can we have one without the other? Full Text
Jacques OLIVIER and Ai-Ting GOH

No. 729: Dynamic mean-variance analysis Full Text

No. 728: Limit order book as a market for liquidity Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT, Ohad KADAN and Eugene KANDEL

No. 727: The internationalization of financial statements presentation : an empirical study of french groups Full Text
Huang DING, Herve STOLOWY and Michel TENENHAUS

No. 726: Proxy fights in incomplete markets: when majority voting and sidepayments are equivalent Full Text
Herve CRES and Mich TVEDE

No. 725: Language needs in business, a survey of european multinational companies Full Text

No. 724: Balanced scorecard versus French tableau de bord:beyond dispute, a cultural and ideological perspective Full Text

No. 723: Conditional dependency of financial series : an application of copulas Full Text

No. 722: Voting in assemblies of shareholders and incomplete markets Full Text
Herve CRES and Mich TVEDE

No. 721: The Taxation of Trades in assets Full Text

No. 720: Occupational Choice, incentives and wealth distribution Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA and Archishman CHAKRABORTY

No. 719: New Extreme-Value Dependance Measures and Finance Applications Full Text
Ser-Huang POON, Michael ROCKINGER and Jonathan TAWN

No. 718: Organisation spatiale et performance des services Full Text
Françoise CHEVALIER and Veronique MALLERET

No. 717: Proportional transaction costs on asset trades : a note on existence by homotopy methods Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA

No. 716: Reputation-based pricing and price improvements in dealership markets Full Text

No. 715: Deconstructing power and politics in organizations: Air France and the application of the ALSA method
Georges X. TREPO and Katharina BALAZS

No. 714: Survey of financial statement analysis courses in Europe and the United States Full Text

No. 713: Accounting Education in France and its Comparison with Chinese One Full Text

No. 712: Classification of Intangibles

No. 711: Do consumers really know if the price is right ? Direct measures of references price are their implications for retailing Full Text
Marc VANHUELE and Xavier DREZE

No. 710: Conditional Volatility, Skewness, and Kurtosis : Existence and Persistence Full Text

No. 709: Entropy densities Full Text

No. 708: A framework for the classification of accounts manipulations Full Text
Herve STOLOWY and Gaetan BRETON

No. 707: Ethique et knowledge-management Full Text
Alain BERDUGO and Ismaël SENE

No. 706: Majority stable production equilibria : a multivariate mean shareholders theorem Full Text
Herve CRES

No. 705: Extreme correlation of international equity markets Full Text
François LONGIN and Bruno SOLNIK

No. 704: On the term structure of default premia in the Swap and Libor markets Full Text

No. 703: Selling company shares to reluctant employees : France Télécom's experience Full Text
François DEGEORGE, Dirk JENTER, Alberto MOEL and Peter TUFANO

No. 702: Market Making with Costly Monitoring : An Analysis of the SOES Controversy Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT, Ailsa RÖELL and Patrik SANDAS

No. 701: Trader Anonymity, Price Formation and Liquidity Full Text

No. 700: Competitive Equilibrium with Moral Hazard in Economies with Multiple Commodities Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA

No. 699: Moral hazard and linear contracts : Economies with idiosyncratic risks Full Text
Alessandro CITANNA

No. 698: A benefit congruency framework of sales promotion effectiveness Full Text
Gilles LAURENT, Pierre CHANDON and Brian WANSINK

No. 697: Information at equilibrium

No. 696: Equilibrium and arbitrage in incomplete asset markets with fixed prices

No. 695: Debt, liquidity and dynamics

No. 694: Pareto improving price regulation when the asset market is incomplete

No. 693: Competitive Equilibrium with moral hazard in Economies with multiple commodities
Alessandro CITANNA

No. 692: Boundary conditions for generalized hedging point policies in stochastic manufacturing systems
Christian VAN DELFT

No. 691: The relevance of extrinsic uncertainty

No. 690: Floor versus Screen Trading : Evidence from the German Stock Market Full Text

No. 689: The identification of preferences from equilibrium prices under uncertainty

No. 688: The identification of preferences from equilibrium prices

No. 687: Kazakhstani management culture : perception of french managers Full Text

No. 686: The Identification of Preferences from Equilibrium Prices

No. 685: Financial Innovation and Price Volatility Full Text
CITANNA Alessandro

No. 684: Incomplete Markets, Allocative Efficiency and the Information Revealed by Prices
CITANNA Alessandro and VILLANACCI Antonio

No. 683: Moral Hazard, Aggregate Risk and Nominal Linear Financial Contracts Full Text
CITANNA Alessandro and CHAKRABORTY Archishman

No. 682: Occupational Choice, Incentives and Wealth Distribution
CITANNA Alessandro and CHAKRABORTY Archishman

No. 681: Existence and Regularity of Partially Revealing Rational Expectations Equilibrium in Finite Economies
CITANNA Alessandro and VILLANACCI Antonio

No. 680: From Rent-Seeking Activities to Economic Activities: The Strategic Transformation of the Deregulated Firm Full Text
Bertrand V. QUELIN and Jean-Philippe BONARDI

No. 679: Privatization Process and Corporate Entrepreneurship in Former Monopolies: A Model for Developed Countries
Bertrand V. QUELIN and Jean-Philippe BONARDI

No. 677: Stratégie de rupture basée sur des innovations radicales : Etude du cas de l'entreprise Salomon à la lumière de ses compétences et capacités organisationnelles Full Text
Bertrand MOINGEON and Emmanuel METAIS

No. 676: Approche socio-économique de la consommation des émissions sportives télévisuelles Full Text
Bertrand MONGEON

No. 675: Accounting for brands in IAS 38 of IASC (intangible assets) compared with French and German practices : an illustration of the difficulty of international harmonization Full Text

No. 674: Strategies of European Banks in Emerging Markets: a Comparative Approach

No. 673: Immigration, Unemployment and Welfare
Marc CHESNEY, Bharat R. HAZARI and Pasquale M. SGRO

No. 672: The Investment Policy and the Pricing of Equity in a Levered Firm: a Re-examination of the contingent claims Valuation Approach

No. 671: Imperfect Market Monitoring and SOES Trading Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT, Ailsa RÖELL and Patrik SANDAS

No. 670: The Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Sales Force Compensation Full Text
Dominique ROUZIES, Michael SEGALLA and Madeleine BESSON

No. 669: Institutions, Institutional Change, Strategic Assets and Competitive Advantage of American and French Film Industries (1895-1998) Full Text
Michel GHERTMAN and Allegre L. HADIDA

No. 668: The Tail Behavior of Stock Returns: Emerging versus Mature Markets Full Text

No. 667: Le stress professionnel – enquête française et comparaisons internationales
Jean-Benjamin STORA

No. 666: Competition for Listings Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT and Christine A. PARLOUR

No. 665: Performance des Grands Groupes et Stratégies de rétribution des dirigeants
Georges TREPO and Patrice ROUSSEL

No. 664: Une approche institutionnelle pour diminuer le chômage de moitié : l’expérience du Wisconsin peut-elle être utile en France et en Europe ? Full Text

No. 663: Equity Trading Systems in Europe - A survey of recent changes Full Text
Thierry FOUCAULT and Marianne DEMARCHI

No. 662: Free Access to the Commons: Random Priority versus Average Cost
Herve CRES and Herve MOULIN

No. 661: Une revue de quelques aspects de la comptabilité positive et de sa critique
Dang PHAM and Veronique NGUYEN

No. 659: Aggregation of Coarse Preferences Full Text
CRES Hervé

No. 655: Systematic Patterns Before and After Large Price Changes: Evidence from High Frequency Data from the Paris Bourse Full Text

No. 647: On the Specification of Duration Between Price Changes and the Predictability of High Frequency returns: an application to the French CAC 40

No. 646: Correlation Structure of International Equity Markets During Extremely Volatile Periods Full Text
LONGIN François and SOLNIK Bruno

No. 645: Les systèmes de mesure de la qualité dans les entreprises de service Full Text
MALLERET Véronique

No. 644: Planification et contrôle de gestion en France en 1998 Full Text

No. 642: Evaluation subjective de la perception d’une activité par une approche ergonomique
PESQUEUX Yvon and VAUTIER Jean-François

No. 638: Ordering Pareto-Optima Through Majority Voting Full Text
CRES Hervé and TVEDE Mich

No. 636: Applications pratiques de la théorie des coûts de transaction Full Text

No. 635: A Time Varying Parameter Model to Test for Predictability and Integration in Stock Markets of Transition Economies Full Text
ROCKINGER Michael and URGA Giovanni

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