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No 18/2000: Tillid og forskningsledelse
Kenneth Husted

No 17/2000: Ansvarlig forskningsledelse som forudsætning for fri forskning
Line Gry Knudsen and Søren Barlebo Wenneberg

No 16/2000: Universitetslederes syn på forskningsanvendelse
Søren Barlebo Wenneberg

No 15/2000: From Complexity to Simplicity: on the Application of Three Techniques for Multivariate Data Analysis
Sven Junghagen

No 14/2000: Scientific norms as (dis)integrators of scientists?
Erik Ernø-Kjølhede

No 13/2000: Managing University Research In the Triple Helix
Erik Ernø-Kjølhede, Kenneth Husted, Mette Mønsted and Søren Barlebo Wenneberg

No 10/2000: The Political Economy of Trade Policy in China
Sheng Bin

No 9/2000: Knowledge Transfer, Consulting Modes and Learning Do the Codes of Conduct and Ethics Reflect Reality in Management Consulting?
Marjatte Maula and Flemming Poulfelt

Marjatta Maula

No 7/2000: Peer reviews i forskningsevaluering Kvalitetsbedømmelse af forskning, når vilkårene for vidensproduktion forandres
Finn Hansson

No 6/2000: Introducing New Public Management in Pay Determination
Dorthe Pedersen

No 5/2000: Political Administration
Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen

No 3/2000: Project Management Theory and the Management of Research Projects
Erik Ernø-kjølhede

No 2/2000: Luhmann og skriften
Ole Thyssen

No 1/2000: Offentlig ledelse? - en fortælling om fortællingen om New Public Management og et alternativt studie på vej…
Betina W. Rennison

1999 2000 2001 2002
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