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About EBSLG working papers

By collecting information about many European working papers in one place we aim at creating a critical mass and thus generating traffic and publicity for European Economic working papers, as can be seen from the statistics page. Getting your work published here is the best way to get wide spread exposure for your research.

Authors and the organizations sponsoring the different working paper series retain full control of their work. EBSLG doesn't claim copyright, ownership or anything like that (there is more information about copyright issues). We do not keep the full text files on a central server, instead we link to the full text files on the organizations own web server.

The manual describes how to add and manage papers on the EBSLG working papers site.

So, you want to your papers to appear in EBSLG working papers? Here is how.

This site is part of RePEc, an effort to coordinate the dissemination of information about Working Papers in Economics. The data on the papers available here is contributed to the RePEc data base, thereby giving the papers the widest possible exposure.

Larger Working Paper Services using the RePEc data include EconPapers and IDEAS.

NEP (New Economic Papers) is a free current awareness service for working papers in the RePEc data.


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