European Business Schools Librarian's Group

How to join?

The EBSLG working papers site is open to all working paper series from EBSLG member schools. By participating your working papers will receive greatly enhanced exposure. The papers are not only available from this site but also through the RePEc data base used by services such as EconPapers and IDEAS.

Joining EBSLG Working Papers is an easy 4-step procedure!

  1. Check that the terms under which full text files are made available is acceptable to your organization.
  2. See the manual for how to add and manage papers on the EBSLG working paper site.
  3. Collect the following information
    1. The name of the series
    2. The organization responsible for the series
    3. The WP-coordinator (the person responsible for the adiministration of the series). Name and e-mail address.
    4. The appropriate way to write the number of a working paper. E.g. 98/01 or 345.
    5. If authors should be able to provide information about papers using the forms or if only the WP-coordinator should do this.
    6. If an e-mail should be sent to authors notifying them about each of the following events. The paper is added to S-WoPEc
      • The bibliographic data is updated
      • Full text files are uploaded for the paper
      • Full text are removed from the server
      • Send a monthly e-mail with access statistics for the paper
    7. Layout for the abstract html pages for the series.
      That is, the content of the header and footer of abstract pages.
      • A GIF or JPEG for the top right corner (preferably not larger than 200x200 pixels) and text for the header (name of series, for example).
      • How we should link back to your organization in the footer of the pages (the image in the top left corner will also be linked to your organization).
    8. Content of the page with instructions for authors. If you whish to have one at S-WoPEc that is.
    9. Default values for department and address in the forms.
  4. Send the information by e-mail to Sune Karlsson ()

Once the working paper series is set up most of these settings can be modified by the Working Paper Coordinator.