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Hanken School of Economics Working Papers, Hanken School of Economics

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No. 533: Word-of-mouth-forskning – Från ett beteendevetenskapligt perspektiv mot ett företagsperspektiv Full Text
Mikael Berndtson

No. 532: The Impact of New Capital Requirements on the Portfolio Decisions of Finnish Pension Institutions Full Text
Hans-Kristian Sjöholm

No. 531: Exploring Marketing in Micro Firms Full Text
Karolina Wägar, Peter Björk, Annika Ravald and Björn West

No. 530: Interpretation of Services Marketing Concepts Full Text
Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, Christian Grönroos and Johanna Gummerus

No. 529: Discovering Perceived Value of Mobile Services
Minna Pura and Johanna Gummerus

No. 528: The Effect of Obesity on Wages and Employment: The Difference Between Having a High BMI and Being Fat Full Text
Edvard Johansson, Petri Böckerman, Urpo Kiiskinen and Markku Heliövaara

No. 527: Constructing Stability in Software Product Development during Organizational Restructurings Full Text
Beata Segercrantz

No. 526: An Empirical Investigation of Value-at-Risk in Long and Short Trading Positions Full Text
Sofie Kulp-Tåg

No. 525: An Empirical Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Volatility Models for Nordic Stock Returns Full Text
Sofie Kulp-Tåg

No. 524: Short-Horizon Asymmetric Mean-Reversion and Overreactions: Evidence from the Nordic Stock Markets Full Text
Sofie Kulp-Tåg

No. 523: The Physical Strenuousness of Work is Slightly Associated with an Upward Trend in the Body Mass Index Full Text
Petri Böckerman, Edvard Johansson, Pekka Jousilahti and Antti Uutela

No. 522: With Good Reputation Size Does not Matter: Issue Frequency and the Determinants of Debt Maturity Full Text
Nikolas Rokkanen

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2014
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