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No DR 07026: Is it possible to construct derivatives for the Paris residential market?
Michel Baroni, Fabrice Barthélémy and Mahdi Mokrane

No DR 07025: Multiple Equilibria in a Firing Game With Impartial Justice
Damien Besancenot and Radu Vranceanu

No DR 07024: A Bourdieusian Perspective on Strategizing
Marie-Léandre GOMEZ

No DR 07023: The Ambassador, Between Light and Shade : The Emergence of Secrecy as the Norm of International Negotiation
Aurélien Colson

No DR 07021: Inference in the Presence of Stochastic and Deterministic Trends
Guillaume Chevillon

No DR 07020: Physical Market Determinants of the Price of Crude Oil and the Market Premium
Guillaume Chevillon and Christine Rifflart

No DR 07019: Capturing and Treating Unobserved Heterogeneity by Response Based Segmentation in PLS Path Modeling. A Comparison of Alternative Methods by Computational Experiments
Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Christian M. Ringle, Silvia Squillacciotti and Laura Trinchera

No DR 07017: The Classroom as a Potential Space-teaching Negotiation through Paradox
de Carlo Laurence

No DR 07016: Urbaphobie et désir d'urbain, au péril de la ville
Alain Sallez

No DR 07015: Coupling Performance Measurement and Collective Activity: The Semiotic Function of Management Systems. A Case Study
Philippe Lorino and Ingmar Gehrke

No DR 07014: The Instrumental Genesis of Collective Activity. The Case of an ERP Implementation in a Large Electricity Producer
Philippe Lorino

No DR 07013: Process Based Management and the Central Role of Dialogical Collective Activity in Organizational Learning. The Case of Work Safety in the Building Industry
Philippe Lorino

No DR 07012: Competence-based Competence Management: a Pragmatic and Interpretive Approach. The Case of a Telecommunications Company
Philippe Lorino

No DR 07011: Appreciation of the Sustainability of the Tourism Industry in Cyprus
Maud Tixier

No DR 07010: L'analyse des coûts : public ou privé ?
René Demeestère

No DR 07008: Optimal Holding Period for a Real Estate Portfolio
Michel Baroni, Fabrice Barthélémy and Mahdi Mokrane

No DR 07007: Stylistic Creativity in the Utilization of Management Tools
Philippe Lorino

No DR 07006: The moral layer of contemporary economics: A virtue-ethics perspective
radu vranceanu

No DR 07005: Sexualités & Mondialisation : Prendre son temps aujourd’hui
Laurent Bibard

No DR 07004: Rationalizing the Irrational. The Principle of Relative Maximization from Sociobiology to Economics and Its Implications for Ethics
Mircea Boari

No DR 07003: La création d’entreprise au féminin dans le monde occidental
Viviane de Beaufort

No DR 07002: Evolution comparée de la consommation de médicaments dans les 5 pays européens entre 2000 et 2004 : analyse de 7 classes pharmaco-thérapeutiques
Gérard Viens, Karine Levesque, Pierre Chahwakilian, Abdelkader El Hasnaoui, Anne Gaudillat, Guénolé Nicol and Caroline Crouzier

No DR 07001: International Remittances and Residents' Labour Supply in a Signaling Model
Claire Naiditch and Radu Vranceanu

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