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No DR 03026: Manager Unethical Behavior During The New Economy Bubble
Radu Vranceanu

No DR 03025: Strategic Human Resource Management Practices: An Exploratory Survey of French Organisations
Jean-Luc Cerdin and Ashok SOM

No DR 03024: Vers quelles innovations RH dans les entreprises françaises ?
Jean-Luc Cerdin and Ashok Som

No DR 03023: Strategic Organizational Response of an Indo-Japenese Joint Venture to Indian's Economic Liberalization
Ashok Som

No DR 03022: Value-relevance of expensed and capitalized intangibles - a French survey
Anne Cazavan-Jeny

No DR 03021: Value Relevance of R&D Reporting : A Signaling Interpretation
Anne Cazavan-Jeny and Thomas Jeanjean

No DR 03020: Creativity: Can Artistic Perspectives Contribute to Management Questions?
Annick Bourguignon and Christopher Dorsett

No DR 03018: Management Control and "Coherence" : Some Unresolved Questions
Annick Bourguignon, Alan Jenkins and Hanne Nørreklit

No DR 03017: The Role of Criticism in the Dynamics of Performance Evaluation Systems
Annick Bourguignon and Eve Chiapello

No DR 03016: Schedules, Calendars and Agendas
Gilles Van Wijk

No DR 03014: Risk Management: An Interdisciplinary Framework
Charles Tapiero

No DR 03013: Environmental Games and Queue Models
Charles Tapiero

No DR 03012: Value at Risk and Inventory Control
Charles Tapiero

No DR 03011: Financial Instability under Floating Exchange Rates
Damien Besancenot and Radu Vranceanu

No DR 03010: Bracing Competition through Innovative HRM in Indian Firms: Lessons for MNEs
Ashok Som

No DR 03009: What drives the adoption of SHRM in Indian Companies?
Hamid Bouchikhi and Ashok Som

No DR 03008: Contractualiser le processus en médiation
Alain Lempereur

No DR 03007: A rhetorical foundation of international negotiations. Callières on peace politics
Alain Lempereur

No DR 03006: Conflit d'intérêt économique entre avocats et clients : la questions des honoraires
Alain Lempereur and Mathieu Scodellaro

No DR 03005: Identifying some obstacles from intuition to a successful mediation process
Alain Lempereur

No DR 03004: A Class of Marked Point Processes for Modelling Electricity Prices
Hélyette Geman and Andrea Roncoroni

No DR 03003: Teaching "Concertation" : the Acceptance of Conflicts and the Experience of Creativity Using La Francilienne Cd Rom
Laurence de Carlo

No DR 03002: Which Capital Growth Index for the Paris Residential Market?
Michel Baroni, Fabrice Barthelemy and Madhi Mokrane

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
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