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No WP1522: Explicit diversifiction benefit for dependent risks
Michel Dacorogna, Laila Elbahtouri and Marie Kratz

No WP1521: Robust location of new housing developments using a choice model
Juan Carlos Espinoza Garcia and Laurent Alfandari

No WP1520: Current account and real exchange rate changes : the impact of trade openness
Davide Romelli, Christina Terra and Enrico Vasconcelos

No WP1519: Leadership beyond the Tipping Point: toward the Discovery of Inversions and Complementary Hypotheses
Fabrice Cavarretta, Sean Hannah, Ronald Piccolo and Mary Uhl-Bien

No WP1518: Endogenous Technology Adoption and Medical Costs
Karine Lamiraud and Stephane Lhuillery

No WP1517: Living in a Stochastic World and Managing Complex Risks
Michel Dacorogna and Marie Kratz

No WP1516: Incremental willingness to pay
Karine Lamiraud, Robert Oxoby and Cam Donaldson

No WP1515: Group Gender Composition and Economic Decision-Making
Karine Lamiraud and Radu Vranceanu

No WP1514: Experimental Evidence on Gender Interaction in Lying Behavior
Seeun Jung and Radu Vranceanu

No WP1513: Gender Interaction in Teams: Experimental Evidence on Performance and Punishment Behavior
Seeun Jung and Radu Vranceanu

No WP1512: " Facta non verba " : an experiment on pledging and giving
Gilles Grolleau, Guillermo Mateu, Angela Sutan and Radu Vranceanu

No WP1511: Ritualization and the Process of Knowledge Transfer
Mira Slavova and Anca Metiu

No WP1507: Long Memory Through Marginalization of Large Systems and Hidden Cross-Section Dependence
Guillaume Chevillon, Alain Hecq and Sébastien Laurent

No WP1505: Liquidity Supply across Multiple Trading Venues
Laurence Lescourret and Sophie Moinas

No WP1504: Relation entre le prix du pétrole et les cours boursiers des grandes compagnies pétrolières mondiales
Francis Declerck, Jean-Pierre Indjehagopian and Flavien Bellocq

No WP1503: Fear of novelty : a model of scientific discovery with strategic uncertainty
Damien Besancenot and Radu Vranceanu

No WP1502: Lying about Delegation
Angela Sutan and Radu Vranceanu

No WP1501: Bank funding constraints and the cost of capital of small firms
Oana Peia and Radu Vranceanu

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
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