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No 1290: 'A Case with Peculiarities': Mixed Same-Sex Marriages Before the Supreme Court
Matteo Winkler

No 1289: Efficiency of Correlation in a Bottleneck Game
Thomas J Rivera, Marco Scarsini and Tristan Tomala

No 1288: Information-Theoretic Limits of Strategic Communication
Maël Le Treust and Tristan Tomala

No 1287: Towards Transnational European Democracy? The New Battles Lines of the 2019 European Parliament Election
Alberto Alemanno

No 1286: Inventory Management, Dealers' Connections, and Prices in OTC Markets
Jean-Edouard Colliard, Thierry Foucault and Peter Hoffmann

No 1285: Bank Bonus Pay as a Risk Sharing Contract
Matthias Efing, Harald Hau, Patrick Kampkötter and Jean-Charles Rochet

No 1284: Using Social Network Activity Data to Identify and Target Job Seekers
Peter Ebbes and Oded Netzer

No 1283: Time Compression (Dis)Economies: An Empirical Analysis
Ashton Hawk and Gonçalo Pacheco-de-Almeida

No 1281: The Impact of the French Doctrine of Significant Imbalance on International Business Transactions
David Restrepo-Amariles, Eva Mouial Bassilana and Matteo Winkler

No 1280: Data for Good: Unlocking Privately-Held Data to the Benefit of the Many
Alberto Alemanno

No 1279: Right Information at the Right Time: Time Value of Information Characteristics for Environmental Technology Adoption
Shadi Goodarzi, Andrea Masini and Sam Aflaki

No 1276: Categorizing Institutional Logics, Institutionalizing Categories: A Review of Two Literatures
Rodolphe Durand and Patricia Thornton

No 1275: Family Firms in the Ownership Network: Clustering, Bridging, and Embeddedness
Rodolphe Durand and Dalhia Mani

No 1274: Seeking and Avoiding Choice Closure to Enhance Outcome Satisfaction
Yangjie Gu, Simona Botti and David Faro

No 1273: Is the EU Disinformation Review Compliant with EU Law? Complaint to the European Ombudsman About the EU Anti-Fake News Initiative
Alberto Alemanno, Justine Brogi, Maxime Fischer-Zernin and Paige Morrow

No 1272: Financial Restructuring and Resolution of Banks
Jean-Edouard Colliard and Denis Gromb

No 1267: States and Eventualities: How to Understand Savage Without Anyone Being Hanged
Itzhak Gilboa, Stefania Minardi, Larry Samuelson and David Schmeidler

No 1266: Decision Theory Made Relevant: Between the Software and the Shrink
Itzhak Gilboa, Maria Rouziou and Olivier Sibony

No 1265: Second-Order Induction: Uniqueness and Complexity
Rossella Argenziano and Itzhak Gilboa

No 1264: Learning What is Similar: Precedents and Equilibrium Selection
Rossella Argenziano and Itzhak Gilboa

No 1263: Demand for Information, Macroeconomic Uncertainty, and the Response of U.S. Treasury Securities to News
Thierry Foucault, Hedi Benamar and Clara Vega

No 1262: The Expansion of Non-Financial Reporting: An Exploratory Study
Hervé Stolowy and Luc Paugam

No 1261: The Effects of Linguistic Devices on Consumer Information Processing and Persuasion: A Language Complexity × Processing Mode Framework
L. J. Shrum, Tina M. Lowrey and Ruth Pogacar

No 1260: Interactive Information Design
Tristan Tomala, Frederic Koessler and Marie Laclau

No 1259: LES ORIGINES DE LA DISTINCTION ENTRE POSITIF ET NORMATIF EN ECONOMIE (The Origin of the Positive-normative Distinction in Economics)
Philippe Mongin

No 1257: How to Counter Fake News? A Taxonomy of Anti-Fake News Approaches
Alberto Alemanno

No 1256: Measuring Skewness Premia
Hugues Langlois

No 1255: Valuation as Promise and Care: The Use of Accounting in the Entrepreneurial Economy
Jan Mouritsen and Dane Pflueger

No 1253: Re-Thinking the CSP-CFP Linkage: Analyzing the Mechanisms Involved in Translating Socially-Responsible Behavior to Financial Performance
Afshin Mehrpouya and Imran Chowdhury

No 1252: Demand-Side Strategy, Relational Advantage and Partner-Driven Corporate Scope: The Case for Client-Led Diversification
John Kenneth Mawdsley and Deepak Somaya

No 1251: Consumer Resistance
Daniel Halbheer, Marco Bertini and Stefan Buehler

No 1250: Time-Varying Risk Premia in Large International Equity Markets
Hugues Langlois, Ines Chaieb and O. Scaillet

No 1247: Institutional Quality and Capital Inflows: Evidence and Theory
Eric Mengus, Edouard Challe and Jose Ignacio Lopez

No 1243: Labor Force Demographics and Corporate Innovation
François Derrien, Ambrus Kecskes and Phuong-Anh Nguyen

No 1165: Debt in Political Campaigns
Alexei V. Ovtchinnikov and Philip Valta

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